FY 2021 Revenue

NFTY (ENXTPA:ALNFT), previously Adthink SA, listed on Euronext Growth Paris, group E2, under the new symbol “ALNFT” since January 18, 2022, published today its 2021 revenue of €8.1 million.

After a return to growth in 2020 with €10.2 million in revenue then a first half of 2021 down 7.7% compared to the previous year, NFTY is posting for the whole of the 2021 fiscal year a 20.9% drop in sales.

Performance division

This decrease is mainly explained by a delay in the start of the direct marketing campaigns of the Affiliate Network whose contracts were announced at the beginning of November. Requiring significant WCR, these performance-based campaigns were fully deployed following the signature in mid-January of new funding likely to reach €3 million.

Since then, the run-rate and the metrics observed reassure that these contracts will be executed in 2022, up to at least 70%, i.e. €10 million.

The Review Sites unit (formerly Customer Acquisition) is relatively stable with a slight decline of 4% and represents 20% of the group’s activity.

Agency division

Within Adthink, the Agency division of the group which retains the historic name, the Trading Desk activity posted growth of 53%, which made it possible to offset the 53% drop in turnover of AdAccess, the sales house, formerly Display Network, impacted by the loss of a major partner in the first half of the year.

Thus the decline in overall activity was limited to 18%, for which the contribution of the Trading Desk increased by 60% to represent 33%. The whole represents 27% of the group’s activity.

New blockchain activities

The NFT marketing activities launched at the end of November did not contribute to 2021 revenue, but several briefs were received and the strong interest observed in these technologies makes it possible to envisage excellent prospects for 2022.

The creation of several new positions is planned for 2022, in line with the new strategy.

NFTY’s 2021 earnings will be released on March 31, 2022.