Adthink becomes NFTY

Adthink (ENXTPA:ALADM), French digital marketing specialist, announces its plan to change its company name to NFTY.

Pronounced “Nifty”, which means “particularly skilful and effective”, this new brand first evokes all the expertise of the company, acquired in 20 years, but also bases its repositioning on promising markets for new decentralized technologies, including NFTs and blockchain in general.

On this occasion, Adthink launched a new mini-site at

After announcing new NFT marketing services and a new blockchain partnership with Atayen, Adthink definitely confirms its vision of the digital transformation that is taking place as well as its positioning with brands to support them in the NFT age: product innovation, development, digital advertising and monetization.

These new services could generate additional growth by making it possible to reach out to major and international brands, with larger average orders and recurring services, in a market with high demand but little competition.

Adthink will permanently change its name on January 11, 2022. At the same time, Euronext has confirmed the reservation for Adthink of a new mnemonic symbol, ALNFT, replacing ALADM, which has been active since its listing in 2007.

The group’s Agency division will continue to use the Adthink brand and a new website launched in 2021 presents its services and news at