Nike launches into the metaverse with its own virtual space: the Nikeland

In collaboration with the online game Roblox, the American brand Nike unveiled last November its new virtual space. Accessible to all Robox users, this space offers a high-definition virtual sports universe in which everything is possible!

Recently associated with the start-up RTFKT (pronounced “Artifact”), Nike is already selling digital sneakers. Even more conveniently, it has a digital showroom in Nikeland that allows users to buy digital accessories for their avatars.

Increasingly, major sports brands are entering the metaverse through strategic collaborations with online gaming platforms. For Nike, for example, the choice of Robox is not trivial. Indeed, the platform, which has existed since 2006, counts today more than 200 million monthly users, which makes the American brand very happy.

The appearance of Nike in the metaverse marks the beginning of a revolution for the brand for which the Nikeland represents only a tiny part of its ambitions; in the future, the brand plans to host competitions related to global sporting events: the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is an excellent example.