Nike buys the start-up RTFKT, specialized in the design of virtual shoes and avatars.

For its entry into the metaverse, the American sports brand has made a strong move by buying the start-up RTFKT (pronounced “Artifact”). With a turnover of more than 100 million dollars in 2021, this start-up is specialized in the design of virtual shoes and avatars: a gold mine for Nike, which plans to sell its accessories and sports equipment in digital version. 

Thanks to this collaboration mixed with the showroom of Nikeland on Roblox, Nike could well revolutionize its offer on the web by proposing its new sneakers by RTFKT. Moreover, 608 pairs have already been sold for 3.1 million dollars in only 6 minutes, all identified and protected by NFTs. 

A revolution in the sports experience that promises many surprises and a new vision of the digital world.