McDonald’s enters the world of NFTs

Always at the forefront of trends, it’s no surprise that the famous fast food brand, McDonald’s is entering the world of NFTs. If these appear at the beginning of the year 2021, they have quickly become popular and have increased in value in a few days, sometimes reaching sums around 70 million dollars.

So, in order to respect the trend, Mcdonald’s is launching itself in the world of NFTs by offering a new collection at the price of…$0. Indeed, via its communication agency DDB, the brand decided to launch a contest on its Instagram and Twitter account to try to win one of the four iconic products of the brand in NFTs.

These four products, namely the Big Mac, the Chicken McNuggets, the Sundae, and the French Fries will also be available in physical version under a digital frame, offered with the NFTs.

At the end of this contest, 20 NFTs were offered for free by the brand to the community, a good start for the brand in the digital world !