Evian joins forces with crystal lover Sara Shakeel! 

The idea is to create a unique artistic experience to make Evian shine: mountains and water flowing from the glacial rocks of the French Alps. Only, a little patience before discovering this exclusive collection … and for that nothing better than an NFT access to this collaboration, a first for the water group! 

Everything is thought out: Evian wants to highlight ethics, ecology and sustainable development, strong values of the company, through this experience by choosing the Tezos blockchain for these 20 sparkling NFT.

By combining natural minerals and crystals in digital form, Evian and Sara Shakeel wish to reward their most loyal customers by offering them the Evian story in the form of NFTs and thus make them travel digitally to the source of the bottle. 

This collaboration takes on its full meaning: reimagining the world of Evian with its alpine mountains in a digital and sparkling universe by Sara while relying on the creation and innovation of artists.