Cloud Yachts: the first digital yacht dealer in the metaverse

Interest in boating is also trending in the NFT space.

Cloud Yachts sold the first Superyacht as an NFT for a cool $12 million!

The NFT comes with its own tactical yacht and is used as a contract to provide construction. 

Cloud Yachts has qualified as the first digital yacht dealer in the metaverse. Yacht designers create nautical products, then they establish the terms of sale. Once agreed upon, the team will start building to make the designs a reality.

Basically, the NFT represents a contract for construction which means that the buyer will transfer the remaining payment out of the chain afterwards.

To wit, Cloud has already sold its first item, a 110-foot (33.5-meter) superyacht. Next, the shipbuilding company, Tactical, will be able to begin construction to turn the design into a true superyacht.

Tactical will spend the next 3 years building the yacht. There is also the possibility for the future owner to request customizations through augmented reality. Then, once completed, the new owner, who would be for this project: a Texas businessman, will receive the yacht with a second NFT.