An NFT vending machine ?

NFT’s first vending machine has opened in New York’s financial district! Launched by the NFT Neon platform.
It is an innovative concept that makes NFTs more accessible to a larger part of the population that may not be aware of nft.

Like any other vending machine, this one works the same way with some differences. Here are the different steps to acquire an NFT:
Payment via your debit or credit card in USD. Apple or Samsung Pay also available
Distribution of a box with a unique code inside for the chosen NFT.
Unique QR code to scan on the box.
Get your NFT instantly
Ability to redeem the NFT on the Neon platform using the code.

The goal is to make NFTs more accessible and easy to understand, as Neon’s machine requires no crypto-currency or wallet. In addition, Neon uses the eco-friendly and highly efficient Solana blockchain.

If you’re located in New York City, check out this 24-hour NFT machine.